Galaxy of Music, Pitchfork

Pitchfork, a new name on the Music World. Though it was launched in 1995, but in the last few years it was transformed into a more updated version. This site has become one of the most trusted and popular stockpile from which we can enrich ourselves with the newest information regarding all type of “World-class” …

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The most popular name in mainstream music during this era is Hip-hop. New artists are flourishing at their best with this music. This music genre is based on a particular rhythmic style, usually created by DJs. This breaks the chain of conventional music. Hip-hop music is widely popular by the name of Rap music also. …


Sustaining LIVE MUSIC

Under the current pandemic situation of the world, the life of “live music” is at stake. Independent and show-based artists, who tend to make the bulk of their income performing live, are facing a real deal of loss in their career. The burden of cancellation of several live shows through the last year, since the …

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Music for everyone

Music connects our souls all over the world. Music should not be discriminated by any cast, religion, nation or social factors. However in earlier times, the situation was not as easy as it is now. A recent study of MIDiA showed us the previous experiences of women in the music fraternity. It consists both the …

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