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Music Production

Did you ever wonder about the story behind all the musical tracks in your Playlist? Did you ever wonder about the story behind all the musical tracks in your Playlist?

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Ghost Production

Have you wondered how great music is produced? Do you have the dream of becoming an Artist but somehow you are not able to fulfill your dream due to an Artist’s Block?

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Mixing Mastering

Do you want exclusive Mixed Tracks tailor made to your choice? The wait is over! DJ Ekstac33 is here to solve all your problems regarding this process. All..

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About Me

The beginning of my musical career was initiated at an early age of 16.Since the time, it has become the sole interest of mine..My fondness of music had taken a shape  when I did my first work in 2009..Though,it was my first independent initiative without having any required resources but that pushed me more forward to chase my  passion regarding music and to become a DJ..Gradually, I came in contact with many new genres of music as well as new people with great skill and expertise that triggered my zeal to the next level..I had a keenness to learn music from the core, so after facing many obstacles, my zeal found a new way when I joined Klaslead Academy, where I learned about DAW. I started scrutinizing more, learning more profoundly and I was able to being introduced to many new genres which was unknown to me till then. I started experimenting with those new genres.

Throughout my journey I learned that your research will be persistent until music is eradicate from the world and ne genres will not be begotten anymore..

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