The most popular name in mainstream music during this era is Hip-hop. New artists are flourishing at their best with this music. This music genre is based on a particular rhythmic style, usually created by DJs. This breaks the chain of conventional music. Hip-hop music is widely popular by the name of Rap music also. It originated in US by some native artists and then expanded all over the world. Although hip-hop and rap music are synonymous with each other, the word hip-hop specifically emulates an intriguing type of culture comprising certain components, such as- “deejaying”, “MCing”, “turntabling” “B-boying” and many more which incorporate hip-hop dance moves, style, gestures and aspects. The elements of hip-hop culture that were the first to grab people’s attention were wall graffiti art and break dancing. The splendidly colourful mural spray wall arts are often rebellious in nature, just as are rap songs, which often are rhymed to sing of the dark truths of life in “attitude”. Although hip-hop music was predominated by African-American people, it’s roots are encased by some misconceptions, paradox and perplexities. Owing to its rise from the lanes of unemployment and destitution, this form of music has touched people’s hearts and has recently been best-selling amongst not just today’s teenagers, but also amongst the older generations.

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