Sustaining LIVE MUSIC

Under the current pandemic situation of the world, the life of “live music” is at stake. Independent and show-based artists, who tend to make the bulk of their income performing live, are facing a real deal of loss in their career. The burden of cancellation of several live shows through the last year, since the pandemic struck, and the associated economic losses are taking a big toll on the artists and their art. “It’s a really surreal and scary time for everyone, but especially for the music industry,” says McNamara. The current resort to partly normalize the situation is to organize socially-distanced limited capacity live shows in new formats. This would serve as a trailer and a testimonial run, and would serve as a future-proof model for live entertainment, before the launch of full show reopening in safer future times. Although the idea of socially-distanced concerts is seemingly disheartening for the performers who are used to “cheering crowds”, this seems to be the only possible resort to make the best out of these current testing times. 

In order to make people more aware about the conservation of Live Music, the organization “Consequences of Sound” is celebrating their passion in a way where seventy artists would be delivering exclusive performances and presentations in celebration of independent music in the ongoing month. Due to the fatal effect of the pandemic situation, the world of Live Music has been doomed. So, for restricting the degradation of this unprecedented situation, CoS took a good move by their unique initiatives .The diverse lineup consists of Orchestra, Fontaines, Bomba  Estereo, Dirty Projectors, Julien Baker, Real Estate and so on. The live stream aims to charm the spectators and encourage them to donate to the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA). All ventures of CoS is going to be fruitful as these efforts would help support NIVA’s ongoing efforts regarding helping independent music venues sustain these testing times.

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