A brief about Country music and Western Music

Digging the world of American Music, we came to know the distinct features of Country music and Western Music. Though these two genres are originated from the same place but they are thematically different in many aspects. During the time of World War II both the two  genres music were amalgamated and summed up in that period. The fundamental difference between country music and western music is the use of instruments like; country music is created vy lighter instruments such as; guitar, harmonica, piano, banjo, fiddle whereas western music is based on steel guitar, high range electric guitar, big bands and so on.

Country music was one of the primary genre of modern American music which comprises a rural tone. So we may call it as a old-time music. It was an incorporated form of British folk music, African-American blues, ballads, church music, urban music etc; In the year of 1920 this old-time music was first recorded and gained a vast popularity. The Carter family influenced many artists to spresd the country music worldwide. “National Barn Dance” and “Grand Ole Opry” these two popular program was started to happen regularly. The influence of such shows encouraged more recordings and arrival of so many talented musicians. Carter Family and Jimmy Rodger became the role model of later musicians. John Denver, Toby Keith,  Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss etc are some names of the famous country music artists.

In the 19th century Western Music was originated in some parts of England, Scotland, Wales, US and Ireland. This music genre was influenced by cowboy music, and in earlier times it was sung around the campfire, “Streets of Laredo” a well-known album of that time. In later times the popularity of Western music was going to fall, Rock and Roll dominated the music industry that time. Some of the artists tried their best to survive the music, prominently Johnny Cash who stepped forward to combine the western music with the arrangements of Rock and Roll music. Then gradually by various ways Western muic came on the track again.

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