Hola people! Stand by to dive into the paradise of ecstasy?..

It’s your very own DJ EKSTAC33 to take you through some amicable experience without breaking the law..If it is music that runs through your veins and filled up your soul with a pleasant vibe, then you are at the right place.

The beginning of my musical career was initiated at an early age of 16.Since the time, it has become the sole interest of mine.

The Beginning Of My Musical Career Was Initiated At An Early Age Of 16

Full Bio

The beginning of my musical career was initiated at an early age of 16.Since the time, it has become the sole interest of mine..My fondness of music had taken a shape  when I did my first work in 2009..Though,it was my first independent initiative without having any required resources but that pushed me more forward to chase my  passion regarding music and to become a DJ..Gradually, I came in contact with many new genres of music as well as new people with great skill and expertise that triggered my zeal to the next level..I had a keenness to learn music from the core, so after facing many obstacles, my zeal found a new way when I joined Klaslead Academy, where I learned about DAW. I started scrutinizing more, learning more profoundly and I was able to being introduced to many new genres which was unknown to me till then. I started experimenting with those new genres.

Throughout my journey I learned that your research will be persistent until music is eradicate from the world and ne genres will not be begotten anymore. So, I am never get tired of exploring more and will carry on this in the upcoming years .As a music producer and DJ from the city of joy Kolkata, I always think that there is a vast world of music beyond our vision, there are so many things to explore.

I tried to create electronic music which will be a medium of our mind and body, heart and soul, something that anyone can easily relate to..I am blessed to have the love, encouragement and support of all my followers and well-wishers who enforced me to create the music by mixing up new effects..Time management is  something  which I always placed in the first along with quality. I believe a mesmerizing musical track is incomplete without having a unique texture, theme and pattern summed up with it.

I have never get tired of exploring new genres and so far I have worked Bollywood dance music, progressive trance, progressive house, international EDM, trance, uplifting trance, house, techno and so on..I make sure that my audience never feels dreary with songs from a single genre, no matter how reviving each track is.

The idea behind this to offer them a bunch of variations where each song has a twist so that people drink, dance and sway to different tunes..I always try to break the monotony of a particular track by mixing up new beats which leads it to more rhythmic. That is my pledge for those two to six hours of performances and my only reward is your blessings and houseful responce.

In a nutshell, this is me…..

My debut original mix was released to all the major stores like Spotify, Apple music, Jio saavn, Google Play Store, YouTube, deezer, Amazon prime music tidal and many more..I have been a student of  Klaslead Academy since the year of 2017-2018 but being an explorer of music I wanted to recreate something new..Recently, I have made a new type of remix of “Tomake  Chai” which was a future bass  and it  was quite popular among my friends and viewers..People started liking my musical style.. My another work was “Lal Saree Poriya Konya” which was again become favorite of all..My third try was the song “Sayonee” from Junoon band..It was also the rock version style..This is what I have done till now but……..there is many more to come…

From a learner to creator my journey continues with all your love ,hope and support..I need my viewers’ and listeners’ blessings to firm my way towards my dreams..Last but not the least, DJ EKSTAC33 is here to bring a new kind of lovely music mix to all of you… Keep showering blessings on us..Keep listening us…Keep loving us…

Thank You

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