Why Do People Love Deep Bass Sounds In Music

There’s a solid reason as to Why People Love Deep Bass Sounds in Music. It has a lot to do with the inner workings of the nerves of your brain. A pretty recent study from Canada’s McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind made an investigation on this topic in order to make an explanation on how humans detect rhythm. Our mind follows deep bass sounds pretty easily.

According to this scientific study, Human beings react differently to both low and high pitched sounds. in an effort to figure this out the study had its participants listen to a varied stream of sounds. They started to tap their fingers along the various beats, while having their brains scanned. Some off-rhythm beats were inserted in these beats which showed in turn that people’s brain actually react more to low bass sounds.

In the particular study, the scientists monitored the electrical activity in the brains of 35 people. The researchers played a long sequence of high as well as low pitched sounds. The vast majority of the people reacted more to the off beat lower tune. Hence, this proves that brain reacts more effectively towards the offbeat lower tones rather than the high pitched sounds.

Why does this happen?

The reason is that your brain is accustomed to rhythmic sounds. Even when you are not listening to music, it behaves rhythmically to what you are doing. When a person is thinking with major focus one’s brain fires up by the electronic waves known as the gamma waves. Similarly, when a person is relaxed, the brain fires up the slower Alpha waves.

Furthermore, you can train your brain using binaural beats. These beats are specially designed sounds designed to induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other mental states. This is solely the reason Why People Love Deep Bass Sounds In Music

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EDM : The Music of the Good Times

Music has always had a life-changing impact and has a positive effect on the souls of its listeners. However, the reputation of EDM has always been tainted and negative. This outlook is solely due to the genre’s association with the dance clubs. From being trendy and catchy EDM has also been referred to as the music which has a negative impact on the Youth. This is all due to extremely wrong reasons. We will tell you in this short blog that EDM is actually The Music of the Good Times.

1. EDM conjures up Great Times

EDM stands as a testimony to all the good times you spent with your family and the near and dear ones. It is a genre which has profound positive impact on people’s emotions through its beats. It makes one feel more optimistic about one’s future. EDM has been a huge game changer in this sense.

2. EDM elevates your spirits

EDM acts as a spirit lifter. This genre especially urges people to lift up their spirits and dance to the beats of the music. It is especially meant for party purpose. An EDM track consists of a 16-beat intro to set the atmosphere, a memorable melody, and a clear progression before laying down the drop. This can increase the brain’s dopamine levels and uplift one’s spirit.

3. EDM helps one to concentrate

While studying if you listen to EDM it can increase your attention span and the concentration level of your mind. Repetitive tasks can be accomplished easily while listening to EDM. It is an upbeat and happy genre which fits into the criteria of study or work by increasing concentration.

Hope so you like this new Blog. I will be back with the next one soon. Till then, Keep Listening to new beats!

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